Joseph Bechhofer, Psy.D

JB Psychological Services, LLC

104 Church Lane, Suite 131

Baltimore, MD 21208

License #05707


As a licensed psychologist, I am passionate about my therapeutic work with children and families. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Touro College, New York, and my Master of Science and Doctor of Psychology at Loyola University Maryland.

I have extensive training in child and family therapy, focusing on effecting change and instilling a sense of hope for children, adolescents, and their families. I have experience conducting psychoeducational evaluations and assessing and treating mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, behavioral and school challenges, and adjustment and relational stressors. I help build stronger and more cohesive family units, and I interface with schools and other professionals to provide holistic care to my clients. I enable children and adolescents to learn and practice effective social skills and positive coping mechanisms. My goal is to empower my clients with the stamina and tools to function independently and overcome life challenges. Outside of private practice, I taught and supervised doctoral students at Loyola University.


I am warm, collaborative, and fun-loving and connect well with children and parents. I focus on developing a professional and supportive therapeutic relationship. I spend time providing empathy and unconditional positive regard, while facilitating the exploration of thoughts and feelings and the relief of unloading painful emotions. I encourage children and families to talk about their cultural background, family life, and self-identity, and I connect with clients on their turf. Concurrently, I challenge my clients to move past their comfort zone in an attempt to make lasting behavioral changes. I believe that true change results from increasing awareness of disruptive behavioral patterns and actively practicing more adaptive behaviors. I focus heavily on increasing motivation to conquer fears, capitalize on strengths, bounce back when faced with adversity, and engage in productive intrapersonal and interpersonal behaviors. I go the extra mile to ensure that my clients view me as an ally and cheerleader along the sometimes difficult therapeutic process.